I would like to acknowledge the following people:


Virginia Raymond for challenging me to write this, reading the early versions and for the terrific suggestion to make this a website instead of a book.


Jessica Yu for helping to make the site workable, and accessible.


Tom Olin for his unequaled pictures of ADAPT’s actions and people.  These photos, as well as Tim’s, document what might have become invisible, had they not made these records of what happened.


Tim Wheat for his terrific pictures, commitment to reporting on ADAPT actions in the more recent years, and his enthusiasm for including many voices, perspectives and faces in his reports.


Babs Johnson for showing me the ropes, for encouragement and patience and readiness to do anything, not the least for reading the many versions of this manual and making comments.


Wade Blank for his challenging, supportive methods of organizing and his creative, funny and out of left field approach to activism.


Mike Auberger for teaching me many of the ins and outs of making it all work, and coming up with intense strategies to blow the enemy’s mind.


Bob Kafka for working with me, training with me and for reading and making comments.


Jim Parker for getting me involved and for helping to start ADAPT of Texas.


Mel Conrardy, George Florum, and Joe Carle for teaching me to stop my first bus.


All the wonderful activists in ADAPT past and present, all the contact people, the warriors, the women of ADAPT and yah, you guys too, the kids, the grandparents and everyone in between, and most especially all my brothers and sisters in ADAPT of Texas, just for everything.


Last but not least, my family, through blood and marriage, who have been so supportive through the years, and who seem to all want to join the community by acquiring disabilities at a surprising rate!  It’s OK y’all, I love you with or without a disability.


And of course Boots, for steadfast companionship.



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