This training material is dedicated to my mentor, and the mentor of many other real community organizers of all stripes; it’s dedicated to Shel Trapp.  Shel looked for new organizers in every crowd.  He looked to empower the organizers he worked with.  He made me reach deep within myself only to find there was so much more there than I ever dreamed.

This is dedicated to Babs Johnson who showed me how love, strength and persistence can move mountains and how the limelight is a false issue; the work is its own reward.

This is also dedicated to my partner Bob Kafka who has shared my organizing and activism and been both a soul mate and a compadre, who helped create and enjoy the adventure so far.

Last but by no means least, this is dedicated to all my sisters and brothers of ADAPT, the wheelchair warriors, the allies, as well as those with other disabilities. They have been the wind at my back and have taught me more than I even realize today.  They carried me through some rough spots, tight places and dark times.  They brought me to the celebration where we dance the dance of joy together.

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